Month: July 2019

5 Reasons Trump will be Re-elected for a Second Term in 2020

By Scotty Saks-Director

As people read this, many will do so understanding the inherent bias of the author as a supporter of President Trump, going back to 2015 when I worked for the Trump 2016 Campaign in several capacities.  (and will work for the Trump 2020 Campaign).  At the same time, the case to be made for President Trump winning re-election in 2020 is an easy one to make, OBJECTIVELY!   President Trump will win in 2020 and continue to fulfill his promise to drain the swamp and in doing so, bring all Americans their sovereignty that was lost to a Global Elite Cabal of Bankers, Politicians, MSM & Big Tech…all working toward a One World Government & One World Currency.   Here are the Five (5) Reasons we will be calling Donald J. Trump POTUS through 2024:

  1. Promises made, Promises Kept – There are numerous sources online from Citizen Journalists & Truther Media regarding Trump’s fulfillment of his campaign promises.   You simply won’t find much evidence of his keeping his promises in the bought and paid for Main Stream Media & Fake News (Trump has brilliantly branded them as such).   The fact is, there are too many to list in this article.   This source tracks Trump’s promises made and kept and is the most visual, so it is provided as proof positive… Trump is keeping his promises.
  2. Trump has kept his base… and is gaining support from many groups that formerly supported & voted for Democrats-  If you read the MSM Polls (fake) & listen to their pundits, any of the “D” candidates will beat POTUS.   The evidence does not support this.  Let’s start with Trump Rallies.   Trump fills Stadiums with an overflow crowd outside.   An Estimated 50,000+ people have consistently attended his rallies.  Compare this to any of the Democrat candidates, especially the front runner Biden, who by the Democrat’s own sycophant media Politico, is having trouble drawing crowds If there is any indicator that a candidate has drawing power at the polls, it’s the size of the crowds at their rallies. By this measure, Trump will win in a landslide.   But this is just the beginning, as POTUS and the people’s movement is growing BIGLY, as the President would like to say.   African Americans & Hispanics are benefitting from Trump Policies and are flocking to the President’s movement.  So is the LGBTQ community and even Democrats in large numbers.   This is taking on a large scale Grass Roots movement.  Groups like #WalkAway (Tens of Thousands of former Democrats), Dems4Trump (150k members), Black Women 4 Trump & Latinos for Trump are all growing,  while actively supporting President Trump.   Watch this video produced by African American Social Media Influencers, and you can see their resolve and the commitment to support this President other African-American Media Influencers that are out in the public square supporting Trump… like Diamond & Silk, Candace Owens and of course, Kanye West.   Americans are leaving the Democrats in droves… and coming over to support President Trump.   This is NOT an implied endorsement for Republicans, but rather a huge ground swell of support for this President that is tipping the scale in his favor in 2020.
  3. The Majority of Americans want Safety, Security & Borders Americans still value Family above everything and are concerned about the safety and security of their family.    The Democrat Debates last week revealed that the Democrat Candidates support Open Borders, Illegal Immigration and even Health Care for Illegals.   President Trump has held strong on Border Control & Border Safety.   He’s also building the wall (fulfillment of his campaign promise).   Trump represents a strong Border, strong Homeland Security and Strong Military.   The Democrats are the antithesis.   Weak on Border Security, oppose the wall and want to handcuff Border Patrol and even eliminate ICE.   Americans do not have the confidence in Democrats to protect America… Trump has their full faith and confidence !  This has become a more important issue than Health Care.
  4. The Epstein Child Sex Trafficking case embodies the Reset of the Rule of Law – The recent arrest of Jeffery Epstein is laying the groundwork for exposing Washington DC, Hollywood/Pedowood, MSM, Wall Street affinity for Pedophilia.  This will not be tolerated or accepted by the vast majority of Americans, regardless of their party affiliation, or political beliefs.   We as Americans simply do not believe that Pedophilia is Ok (Despite the left’s push for acceptance).   Once the atrocities of Epstein Island are exposed, and the vast network of Elite Politicians, Businesspeople, Hollywood /Media Celebs, etc are exposed, this will lay the groundwork for the Trump DOJ to move aggressively on the overall Reset of the Rule of Law.   Americans do not believe in a two tiered justice system, and want to see those in Government and other high positions that committed crimes brought to justice.   We sense that the scales of justice have been tipped in favor of a “Ruling Class Elite”.   This President and his Department of Justice will bring back the Rule of Law, resetting it by indicting and arresting those that have abused their power and committed many crimes…  Crimes of Treason, Sedition & against Humanity.    These arrests & the Reset of the Rule of Law will unite Americans and help Trump win in 2020
  5.  We are in a Spiritual War & God is on Trump’s Side- The world is engulfed in a battle between Good vs. Evil.   The dark forces of the Global Central Banking Cabal have proven to be outright Satanists.   For those that doubt it, ask the NYPD Detectives that have been reported to view videos on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, only to walk out of the room crying and vomiting.   The videos are too heinous to speak of here (allegedly involving Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedin with an infant).  Or ask the Border Patrol Agents that apprehend little boys and girls from the evil of their Coyotes that transport them across the border and sell them into sex slavery.   Or perhaps it would just be easier to watch the face of Evil here: .  This is Former FBI agent Peter Strzok during his testimony before Congress.  (He represents the evil that infested the Obama DOJ & FBI).   POTUS is keenly aware of the Spiritual War and has been working with a Spiritual Advisor;  Paula White, President Trump’s personal pastor, prayed against the “demonic networks” opposing the president during his reelection rally on June 18 .  Simply put, The forces that oppose our President have Lucifer/Satan on their side…POTUS has God.   God wins ever time.

There are many more clues that POTUS is well on his way to re-election.  The Democrats, RINOS and Anti Trumpers simply do not have enough fire power or support to rival the powerful forces behind our President.   Suffice to say these Five (5) reasons are paramount and stand out above the rest, and why POTUS is going to win in 2020



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